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Customised Tours of Australian Military History

I would like to introduce some of the unique abilities of our company.  We offer a selection of tours focused on Australian military history and heritage spread over conflicts and countries where Australians have served and fought.

From an early age I became interested, then dedicated, to a study of Australia’s military history. It has lead to worldwide research with people, books and in the field from many identities, sources and locations. This has included talking with surviving participants, and other researchers – plus delving into Research Centres within Australia and offshore and actually visiting the event locations to properly appreciate the stories. The practical “hands on” experience gained with extensive operational planning during police and military service was a valuable asset in carrying out this work and the result programmes.

I first used this growing knowledge in 1983 to plan and participate in an historical expedition tour walking the Kokoda Trail and the connected beachheads area in Papua New Guinea. That activity demonstrated to me the interest fellow Australians had in our shared history, leading me to use my knowledge and on-the-ground experience to design and operate programmes there, and to other areas of Australians’ service throughout the world. I applied and qualified for an Australian Travel Agents’ License and the Kokoda Tail Operators’ License. Our feedback over the years from our wide range of clients has been very rewarding in their acknowledgment that we achieve our objectives of quality, sharing history and customer satisfaction.

Our “operational areas” now include Papua New Guinea, Greece and Crete, Borneo areas (including the Sandakan story), Western Front localities in Belgium and France, the Thai Burma Railway relevant areas of Thailand and Burma/Myanmar, and the Gallipoli battle areas including Anzac, Suvla and Helles with cross country exploration if required. We have real knowledge and actual experience of operations in El Alamein and Tobruk battle areas in North Africa. A later addition has been our D-Day, Normandy, Dunkirk and the Atlantic Wall tour which includes both iconic and out of the way sites and stories – tourist and relative to WW2 in both Belgium and France.

Coupled with the well practised ability to organise and lead historical expeditions and tours in locations ranging from the extremely remote to well established areas of the world, the depth of personal knowledge and experience allows “especial” programmes to be designed from client groups’ requirements – both effectively and safely. These abilities have been used to design and operate tours and expeditions specific for associations, documentary film makers, families, relatives and researchers. This includes study tour work for the Australian Army. We have testimonials and acknowledgements as to client satisfaction with these specially designed operations.

Please contact us with any questions on the unique planning design abilities we can offer from our folio of tours, and the proven experience to advise on new tour projects, or to adjust advertised programmes.

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Authentic  Military History & Heritage Tours  by fully qualified and field-experienced Guides


Over 35 years experience in tour operations and planning in remote areas, including Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Thailand, Burma, Egypt and Libya.


Management and staff who have in depth historical and geographic knowledge of areas toured and their military historical sites and events – in PNG, Borneo, Thailand, Belgium, France, Myanmar/Burma and other countries.


Supervisors experienced in remote area and urban tour operations in PNG, Borneo, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Belgium, Greece, Crete, Thailand, Burma, Turkey, Egypt and Libya.


Full operational travel experience and campaign history with accurate information content and wide geographical knowledge in our programming.